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Robert Morrall

Director at Insider Access Ltd

Tring, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom
Nonprofit Organization Management
  1. BCM,
  2. Insider Access Ltd,
  3. Pictora Ltd
  1. Cement Equal Project,
  2. i-WORK Project
  1. De Montfort University
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Innovation and Development Consultant

– Present

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A Social Entrepreneur and senior manager with considerable experience in bid writing and the creation of innovative projects to tackle social and labour market exclusion.

* Currently working on developing a range of social enterprises to support offenders 'Through the Gate' from prison to resettlement in the community. These include the unique Insider Access Magazine, Pictora and the innovative Social Vaccinations project.

* Past projects include:
- Pictora Works Big Lottery funded project
- Informal Gate Mentoring Grundtvig funded project
- Green Entrepreneurship Leonardo funded project
- Eco Advantage Project ESF ITM project
- Learned Helplessness and Glory of Failure Grundtvig project
- Destiny Project ESF project (alternatives to custody for young offenders)
- Cement ESF Equal project (£2.5m)
- Organisational Effectiveness ESF project
- i-WORK ESF Equal project (£3m)
- Tourism Disability Awareness project
- 2 ESF Adapt funded Jobrotation Tourism projects

* Considerable business management experience
* Successful bid writing since 1995
* Extensive knowledge of Social Enterprise - start up and operations
* Excellent working knowledge of the Criminal Justice System, in particular Prisons and working with offenders
* A strong working knowledge of ESF and other EU funding.
* A Professional Trainer delivering innovative high quality training to business executives through to hard to reach groups, from business management and enterprise skills to customer service and mentoring

Specialties: Innovation, problem solving, bid writing, project doctor, entrepreneurship, Business consultancy,social inclusion issues, labour market inclusion issues, working with non traditional learners, working with offenders, reducing re-offending, tourism consultancy, lecturing and training, guest speaking, creating transnational networks and regional partnerships.


Innovation and Development Consultant

– Present (4 years 10 months)

Member of the Ministry for Justice Reducing Re-offending Third Sector Advisory Group, Vice Chair of HACRO (Hertfordshire Association for the Care and Resettlement of Offenders), Social Entreprenuer, Development of Social Enterprises, Development of innovative training materials, Develoment of transnational networks to reduce social exculsion and increase access to the labour market, Work with Prisons, Work with Offenders and hard to reach groups,


Insider Access Ltd
– Present (2 years 4 months)

Insider Access is a not for profit social enterprise working with offenders in prison and ex-offenders in the community.

Insider Access receives no government or local authority grants; all our work is financed through our own social enterprise activities or through our innovative project work.

Insider Access works extensively providing a range of services for offenders in prison, 'Through the Gate' and in the community.


Pictora Ltd
– Present (5 years 3 months)

Linking Offender Art with "Through the Gate" offender support and training. Reducing re-offending through innovative training


Business and Corporate Management
– Present (13 years 4 months)

Management Consultant, Project Management, Project Doctor, Bid Writer, Social Entrepreneur, Innovator, Support and advice on transnational projects, Support to 3rd Sector Organisations

Project Manager

Cement Equal Project
(3 years 7 months)

An ESF Equal Funded project (budget £3m) working with offenders and long term unemployed, breaking barriers to learning and employment, focus on the Construction Sector.

Project Manager

i-WORK Project
(4 years 4 months)

Project Manager of an ESF Equal Funded project, 'Breaking Barriers to Learning and Employment' in the Thames Valley, Jobrotation, Social Marketing and Social Recruitment.


Ministry of Justice's Reducing Reoffending Third Sector Advisory Group (RR3)

Group Member
– Present

The RR3 aims to advise on and support the development and implementation of policy, from a diverse Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise (VCSE) Sector perspective, and to strengthen the effectiveness of the working relationship between the VCSE and the MoJ.

Membership of the RR3 includes fifteen publically recruited representatives from a range of VCSE Sector organisations. Civil servants from MoJ, the National Offender Management Service (NOMS), Youth Justice Board (YJB) and HM Inspectorate of Probation also sit on the group in an official capacity.

RSA Transitions

Advisory Board member
– Present

The RSA (Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce) is working with HMP Everthorpe on Transitions.

In 2011, the RSA published Transitions a new vision for a 21st century prison. It is now working to
make this vision a reality by undertaking a major feasibility study, which will complete
in January 2014. This includes assessing the business case of bringing back to life a
45-acre site – including a manor house and farm – adjacent to the prison as a
‘Transitions park’, a space for prisoners, those on license, ex-offenders and those at
risk of crime to work with social enterprises, employers and resettlement services.

Hertfordshire Association for the Care and Resettlement of Offenders (HACRO)

Vice Chair

HACRO’s purpose is: “To give practical support for the rehabilitation of offenders and to influence criminal justice policy”. Practical Support comprises three stages at which offenders can be helped to reform supported by specific projects. including transition from Prison to Community - mentoring support for prisoners being released; in the Community - a small grants and rent deposit scheme to help with resettlement,


The Failure Files

Triarchy Press

Many of us are afraid of failure and spend our lives trying to avoid it. But society's most high achieving figures would all recognise that failure has been an integral part of their success. The premise that failure should be considered a vital opportunity for learning and innovation is the inspiration behind the RSA's Glory of Failure project. As part of this project, leading thinkers and practitioners from the fields of project and risk management, reflective practice, business, education, government policy-making, social history and psychology have come together to re-evaluate the concept of failure. The writers of The Failure Files explore different aspects of the 'F word' as they relate to their areas of expertise. These include: turning 'learned helplessness' into 'learned optimism', considering how the public perception of failure in the media can contribute to risk-averse and stagnated public services, and learning lessons from successful entrepreneurs, who - like explorers, inventors and artists - are all able to make failure into a learning process. The Failure Files is a call to bring discussion of failure into the public sphere, and to open up debate about how to build dynamic responses to failure into our society, businesses and personal lives.


British Heritage - Tourist perceptions, motivations and the implications for sight interpretation

MBA Thesis: De Montford University
April 1995

The thesis explores the relationship between potential tourist's perceptions, motivations and the implications for the management of interpretation at British heritage sites.

Research was undertaken in both the UK and USA, exploring the public's perceptions to British hertitage sites, their holiday motivational needs and how they percepve that British heritage sites will satisfy these needs.


  • Social Entrepreneurship
  • Project Management
  • Training
  • Training Delivery
  • Environmental Awareness
  • New Business Development
  • Business Development
  • Travel
  • Customer Service
  • Customer Engagement
  • Volunteer Management
  • Volunteer Training
  • Social Marketing
  • Social Skills
  • Criminal Justice
  • Social Justice
  • Public Speaking
  • Public Sector
  • Adult Education
  • ICT
  • Management Consulting
  • Labour Market Issues
  • Socially excluded groups
  • Nonprofits
  • Non traditional learners
  • Innovation
  • Social Enterprise
  • Bid Writing
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Policy
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Community Engagement
  • Staff Development
  • Leadership Development
  • Charities
  • Private Sector
  • Organizational...
  • Workshop Facilitation
  • Strategy
  • Community Development
  • Corporate Social...
  • Governance
  • Local Government
  • Government
  • Program Management
  • Fundraising
  • Stakeholder Management
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Social Vaccinations(Link)

"As children, we are given vaccinations to protect our health and we grow up, but perhaps we should develop social vaccinations that help us to deal with the challenges of life as we develop through life". and so the idea of a Social Vaccinations project was born". Supported by the EU's Grundtvig Lifelong Learning Programme, the network is going to develop a range of innovative and unique training materials ... or "social vaccinations".

Over a 2 year period, we will test these "social vaccinations" with offender groups in the UK (or groups at risk of offending), but also with diverse disadvantaged groups across the EU including: Roma in Slovakia, young pregnant teenagers in Portugal, abused women in Spain and disadvantaged young/adult groups in Estonia.

Insider Access(Link)

– Present

Insider Access is a unique magazine - Reducing re-offending.
It is written, edited and published by offenders in prison and ex-offenders in the community working as volunteers.
Insider Access allows offenders in prison and ex-offenders in the community to engage in real life work activity, developing skills and increasing their employability.

Green Entreprenuership

– Present

The Green Enterprise project develops individual skills, innovation and creativity to create eco-ethical business opportunities in an economic and socially balanced manner, which support long-term environmental sustainability, through the work of an EU Leonardo Network

Informal Gate Mentoring

Informal offender mentoring supports insights of reducing re offending recognised across the EU including:
- attitudes and self-control;
- institutionalisation and life-skills;
- family networks (which can also be considered as positive Social networks)
The IGM Project is a network of organisations working within the criminal justice system, (Portugal, Romania, Lithuania, Estonia and the UK).

Eco Advantage

The Eco Advantage is a unique project which has three key aims:
* To give those most excluded an Eco Advantage on the labour market
* To train community Eco Advantage Ambassadors
* To help businesses develop an Eco Advantage in the market place.
Eco Advantage is a European Social Fund ITM project, developing innovation, transnationality and mainsteaming it's learning,tools and methodologies to benefit our society and businesses.
Cementafuture is delivering both Prison based bite sized 'Skills for Climate Change' training and community based Green Living programmes.

Learned Helplessness and the Glory of Failure

– Present

Failure is a great modern taboo. Failure leads to learned helplessness which becomes a new form of exclusion not replacing but overlaying existing exclusion, creating new and more complex patterns of inequality which are by their complexity harder to resolve.
This innovative EU project has researched the condition on learned helplessness and created new tools and approaches for practitioners to use.

Destiny Project

Working with young offenders or young people at risk of offending, this project was an innovative pilot exploring how a personalised learning programme could divert young people at risk of offending into learning and employment.
The project was evaluated for the YPLA by Babcock and highlighted innovative approaches which had a positive impact on hard to reach/engage young people.


CEMENT EQUAL funded £2.5m innovative project working with offenders/ex-offenders and long term unemployed into training and employment in the construction sector, through 'bite sized' learning linked with practical work experience in the community.

i-WORK Project

A transnational ESF Equal Funded project exploring innovative ways to engage non traditional unemployed learners. The project in the UK covered the Thames Valley and worked with individuals with learning difficulties, ethnic groups, drug abusers, homeless rough sleepers, migrants, offenders and ex-offenders.
i-work had a £3m budget

Jobrotation - Tourism 2nd Phase

An EU ADAPT funded employment initiative across Southern and Western England.
This is an innovative project using the Jobrotation model to:
1. Encourage competitiveness through increase customer service, staff flexibility and productivity.
2. Support unemployed New Dealers in joining the sector.
3. Create training structures in the tourism/hospitality sector.
4. To find solutions to the skills shortage, and staff recruitment and retention problems
5. Stimulate life long learning and the development of learning organisations
6. Encourage Social Inclusion

Jobrotation - Tourism

The project focused on the development of tourism in Milton Keynes, through the development of new networks, training unemployed people as local Blue Badge Tourist Guides, together with customer service and language/cultural awareness training for existing employees in the sector.


De Montfort University

MBA, Business Administration

Activities and Societies: Thesis on: The Interpretation of historical sites

Nottingham University

Cert ED, Education, Teaching, Geography, History, Music

Honors & Awards

Business in the Community Seif Award ( for work with offenders)
EEDA & Go East Award for An Outstanding Contribution to ESF
South West England Employment Service Award for Innovation with New Deal
South West England Employment Service Award for Partnership working with New Deal

Podcast debate on learning and employability with Secretary of State for Children, Schools and Families
Euro News documentary on Jobrotation in the UK and across the EU
Central Television discussion on employment issues

Conference speaker on lifelong learning, criminal justice and social enterprise including:
* Key note speaker on Learned Helplessness during a road show of conferences in 2011, (Gothenburg, Bratislava, Lisbon and across the UK).
* ‘The Arts and Social Enterprise’ at the South Bank Centre Arts Alliance conference in 2010.
* Employment Week (Brussels) each year from 1997 to 2010 on labour market and social inclusion issues.

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