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Lorna Perks

Company Secretary at Forest of Avon Products Ltd

Bristol, Bristol, United Kingdom
  1. Forest of Avon Products Ltd,
  2. LornaLou Ltd,
  3. Lorna Perks
  1. Alterian,
  2. Sanderson Recruitment plc,
  3. IES Telecom (Vodafone)
  1. Burnham Upper School
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Forest of Avon Products Ltd

Forest of Avon Products Ltd

Company Secretary

– Present

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I am a very enthusiastic and positive person and I have the ability to get on with most people. I love a challenge and am an excellent Problem Solver. All my inventions are things to help other people to make their lives easier. I really believe in my inventions and I will take every one of them to market. I do take risks and I do work towards my goals. If I believe in what I am doing, I will work very hard to make it successful. Once I start to market my inventions, it is very important to me that I give something back to the community by way of supporting some chosen Charities.


Company Secretary

Forest of Avon Products Ltd
– Present (8 months)Bower Ashton Wood Yard

Managing Director

LornaLou Ltd
– Present (3 years 5 months)Bristol

LornaLou Ltd is the umbrella company of two inventions, Smatta and Pillpod.

I invented Smatta(R) to deal with what one of our customers has called 'lego heel'. I was tired of the issues surrounding my kids pouring out small toys like lego from a box onto the floor or table. It would take ages to get them to clear up, pieces would always get lost or left lying around, and I would always end up treading on a bit and getting a sharp pain in the heel. the Smatta(R) mat is a play, tidy and store solution in one. Smatta(r) play mats are attractive, machine washable, organic cotton, hand made in Bristol. Smatta(r) is a brilliantly simple, safe and unique solution to the problem of tidy up time. Check out the video to see how it works.

I came up with the idea for Pillpod when I was being treated for Breast Cancer and was unable to take my medication correctly at home. This meant I suffered the side effects of the Chemo and was given even more medication to take. The original Pillpod idea is an intelligent device and pill dispenser that enables Patients to take their medication correctly, safely and on time. Currently in development is an app that connects your prescriptions to your mobile via the NHS database. The pill dispenser has been designed so that the elderly can use it, colour blind people and some people with disabilities. Pillpod will enable some elderly people to remain independent in their own homes. Care Homes can use Pillpod to ensure that the right person gets the right medication (especially if there are temporary staff working). Pillpod will also help Pharmacists dispense their prescriptions more quickly. My Business Partner Stuart Halson is responsible for the Technical Side of the business and is an IT Manager and specialises in Business Intelligence.

Inventor and Designer

Lorna Perks
– Present (4 years 5 months)Bristol

I am the Managing Director of LornaLou Ltd and I am a Self Employed Inventor and Designer. I have products in three diverse markets to include a Tidy Mat for Children and Grown Ups, collapsible food storage container, a piece of furniture that has three uses, a chair, a storage box and a table.

Senior Partner Manager

(3 years)

I was responsible for Partners within the Marketing Services Sector, Claritas (Neilsens), Experian B2B, Dimension Data (Systems Integrator South Africa) for Premier Farnell, Dataforce for Pedigree Masterfoods and Smart Cars. I was responsible for identifying new ways for these organisations to use the Alterian Software to sell more licences and for them to use the software internally on behalf of their Clients. I worked with their Sales Teams, training them on how to sell this software to their clients and going along to their meetings to support them for the first few months. I worked at Senior Management and at Director Level within these organisations and worked with my Technical Consultant to ensure that the software was delivered and their Technical Staff were trained correctly.

Account Manager

Sanderson Recruitment plc
(2 years)

Sales person

IES Telecom (Vodafone)
(5 years)

Lorna worked at a retail outlet in Bristol and managed the sales staff. Lorna came up with the radio advertising campaign, and was the voice of IES, that made the company a household name in Bristol before being taken over by Talkland and later by Vodafone.



– Present

Smatta (r) is a tidy mat that can be used by Children when playing with small fiddly toys like lego, hama beads. It enables the child to use the mat to tip all the lego out, be able to construct and have creative play and when they have finished, the child simply folds the mat in half and it contains everything inside a tube so that the Child can pour the contents back into its original box, or use the mat as a storage bag that can be hung up. This product name is Trademarked and it also has Design Rights within Europe.

Team members:
  • Lorna Perks,
  • This is my invention and I do not work with anyone else on this project.


– Present

Pillpod helps you take your medication safely, correctly and on time. See for more information

Team members:


– Present

Tubba is a watertight food container that flatpacks. Most food containers take up lots of space in drawers and cupboards and I can never find the right lid, or any lid at all that fits. Tubba folds flat and the lid will never get lost again. I have 3D and Technical drawings for this design and am applying to have this products IP protected.

Team members:


Lorna Perks

  • Cabinet Making and Finishing
  • Cabinet Making City and Guilds

LornaLou Ltd

  • Time Management
  • Telesales
  • SPIN Course - Rank Xerox
  • Minutes and Agendas
  • Presentation Skills
  • Account Management
  • Early Support Dept for Education


  • Invention
  • Telesales
  • B2B Sales and Marketing
  • Book Keeping
  • Sage Payroll
  • Cabinet Making
  • Account Management
  • Event Management
  • Product Development
  • Project Management
  • Payroll
  • Cabinetry
  • Business Strategy
  • B2B
  • Digital Marketing
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Telemarketing
  • Social Media
  • Start-ups
  • Product Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Business Development
  • Marketing
  • Bookkeeping
  • New Business Development
  • Product Management
  • Department for...
  • Sales
  • Online Advertising
  • Strategic Planning
  • Marketing Communications
  • Online Marketing
  • Market Research
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Team Leadership
  • Retail
  • See 21+  See less


Burnham Upper School

No formal Qualifications



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