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Chris Henniker

Freelance writer

London, United Kingdom
Writing and Editing
  1. Self,
  2. The Good Toy Guide
  1. Miss Sophie Wardlow,
  2. Social Research Associates,
  3. Toy Pirate Fanzine
  1. NoSweat Journalism Traning
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Freelance Writer

– Present

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I am an aspiring London-based freelance writer & journalist with ten years writing experience, ranging from short stories, to journalism and theatre. My work has been published in magazines and websites such as Toy Pirate, Shooting People and local news websites in the Royal borough of Greenwich. I also co-wrote a play with an actress for her dissertation project, which was performed at the ACT Theatre in Kingston-Upon-Thames, Surrey, on 22/2/12.

At present, I am both a contributor to an Australian owned website that reviews leisure activities around the world, where I have covered everything from queer cinema to Japanese Lolita events and photography (which I will mention more about later), along with being an intern with the Good Toy Guide. The Good Toy Guide is a website that advises parents, play experts, toy industry insiders and people who work with children about what toys are appropriate for their child's development and their play value. Play values is where a child can play with a toy in more than one way.

As part of my internship, I have been involved in co-authoring a publication aimed at toy designers, design students, entrepreneurs and play professionals, who are interested in toy design and how this affects child development. As part of this, I conducted interviews with people in the technology sectors and toy industry to determine future trends in the industry, such as the merging on physical and digital, connected devices and how these will affect children's play.

I have also written news and analysis for the Good Toy Guide website for both trade and consumer audiences.

As a hobby, I have developed an interest in photography and have even covered photographic workshops for Weekend Notes. I take every opportunity to develop my craft as both a wordsmith and as a photographer. I am a highly talented, creative and analytical thinker who works methodically and in a timely manner, relishing new challenges and give it all I have.


Freelance Writer

– Present (10 months)greenwich, london

Clients have included:

Nomad Magazine (Slovenia),

Inn From the Cold (A homeless shelter in Calgary)

Jehan Legac ( a fetish artist and photographer working in Ibiza & Bangkok)

Wendy Jill (Texas based children's composer and Grammy 2014 entrant: ).

The work encompasses writing articles on art and cultural affairs, taglines for campaigns, press releases, interviews, profiles of people, photography and video.

My work has been published in Nomad magazine, Aesthetica and at the Calgary Stampede.

I am available for commissions, so please contact me if you are interested in working with me.

Information Officer (Intern)

The Good Toy Guide
– Present (2 years 4 months)greenwich, london

I have run a press clipping service to help determine trends in child welfare, toy safety, child development by sifting through the news and grabbing the latest developments.

Attending trade fairs to develop contacts in the toy industry, education and media. In doing so, I have raised the profile of the organisation and website and helped promote it to toy industry insiders.

Scripting training videos, filmed by film students at Metropolitan University, Belfast.

I have worked on a publication aimed at toy designers, entrepreneurs, design students, play professionals and teachers who are interested in developing a new toy. I even conducted interviews with people in the tech and toy industries as part of researching sections on future toy trends, licensing, safety.

Co-Author of "I'm Sorry I didn't Think"

Miss Sophie Wardlow
(5 months)London, United Kingdom

I co-authored a play, helping a drama student and aspiring actress with her dissertation. I helped write the script, develop characters and storylines, which is a lot of fun. Miss Wardlow said:

"Okay, as you can see what I have is nothing and definitely nothing up to your standards"

I'm really proud of this project, as I had my first work performed.

Casual Surveyor

Social Research Associates
(1 month)Woolwich, South East London

Freelance/casual researcher on survey for DLR about Woolwich Arsenal regarding travel patterns, a follow up to a previous survey (DLR extension opened in 2009). I even wrote a feature on the experience, about the people I interacted with and what people did the survey.

I learned more about local government in one week than in a term of local government lectures, because I could actually see it in action and in a tangible form. I was actually a part of it.


Toy Pirate Fanzine
(3 years 2 months)Grenwich and South east London

Contributor to Toy Pirate, a Greenwich Based fanzine covering and showcasing music and alternative culture. I have had stories and interviews published on a regular basis. I have interviewed Michael Graves from legendary Horror punk band The Misfits. The zine became a web-log due to costs and the economic crisis of 2007- date and I did occasional contributions on the blog until it folded.


(2 years 11 months)Greenwich, South East London

• Voluntary admin position
• Word Processing, Photocopying & dealing with telephone enquiries
• Researching funding for the production of an promotional video. Project was cancelled due to lack of funding.
• Writing the first draft of the script for the promotional video


Shooting People
(7 months)London, but had a readership of 10K people

Assorted documentary reviews, which were published on Much positive feedback was received and are available on request. A good compliment I had was that: "I had a good understanding of television." Another was that I "had a talent for getting to the nub of things."


Dr Ravi Kumar
(2 months)London, United Kingdom

Scripted two adverts for autism awareness, to be produced by Ravi Kumar. He said they were “very good”. They even drew on my experiences as someone with Aspergers and the media stereotypes of it.

Library intern.

(2 months)Osterly/Isleworth, West London

Cataloguing music onto a customised database
• Wrote mini reviews of cds describing each track and suggested uses for television. One of these ideas has even been taken up, which pleased me greatly.
• Assisted in re-organisation of music library and cataloguing system

It was organised as a placement with the help of the National Autistic Society (I have Asperger's Syndrome).


East Greenwich Community Centre
(6 years 2 months)Greenwich, South East London

• Voluntary admin position
• Word Processing, Photocopying & Filing


So You Want to Make A Toy

– Present

A publication aimed at design students, toy designers, entrepreneurs and play professionals who are interested in developing a toy. The aim is to explain why and how children play, the history of toys, along with sign posting people to information on safety, environmental information, etc, while allowing the audience to play with play ideas. As part of copywriting, I interviewed leading figures in the toy and technology industries, such as Matt Webb, a champion of connected devices.

My role is to source information on design and technology curricula, toy safety, the law, play trends and fads, along with background reading, writing copy, testing out ideas and proofreading.

Team members:

I'm Sorry I Didn't Think(Link)

A play I co-wrote about a girl with Cerebral Palsy, how she copes after the death of her sister (who is also her primary care giver) and how people treat her. It was first performed on the 22/2/12 at the ACT Theatre, Kingston College, Kingston Upon Thames, Surrey.

Team members:

Mormons Have Good Teeth(Link)

A feature on what happens behind the scenes on street surveys, which was written as a first hand account of my first paid job.


NoSweat Journalism Traning

  • Princes Trust Volunteers


  1. Makaton (A derivative of BSL)

Volunteer Experience & Causes


East Greenwich Community Centre
(13 years 6 months)Education

Throughout my childhood, I volunteered on and off with this organisation and even held the screwdriver when I helped set up the shelves and cupboards.

Opportunities Chris is looking for:

Causes Chris cares about:

  • Arts and Culture

Organizations Chris supports:



  • Copywriting
  • Analysis
  • Research
  • Creative Writing
  • Attention To Detail
  • Accuracy
  • Presenting Ideas
  • Short Stories
  • Essays
  • Compassion
  • A very wicked sense of...
  • creativity
  • Aspergers Syndrome (not...
  • generating ideas
  • Resilient
  • making observations
  • being very good with...
  • administrative...
  • Literary Criticism
  • Criticism
  • Imagination
  • pet lover
  • Computer Literate
  • Microsoft Office
  • Originality
  • Magazine Articles
  • Self-directed
  • Scripting
  • Writing
  • Stories
  • Editing
  • Proofreading
  • Storytelling
  • Freelance Writing
  • Script-writing
  • play writing
  • Publications
  • Content Strategy
  • Interviews
  • Text Editing
  • Journalism
  • Social Media
  • Blogging
  • Press Releases
  • See 29+  See less


How to Stop a Mugging, Anton LaVey Style

Toy Pirate Fanzine
July 2004

A femdom revenge story about how the victims of a mugging in Belgravia dealt a bloody revenge to their attacker.

Oulander interview(Link)

Aristasia website
February 2005

An interview with Marianne Martindale, the spokeswoman for an all-female and anti-feminist subculture called Aristasia. A doctor friend said it was "genius”, as I was the only male to contribute to their website. They said it was good journalism ( It was also a research interview for a fictional story.


Mormons Have Good Teeth(Link)

The New Informer
May 2010

A first hand account behind the scenes of a street survey (which was my first paid job).


Toy Pirate Fanzine

First hand account of how my family coped with my mother's bowel cancer.

Scopers of The World, Unite(Link)

The New Informer
May 2010

First hand account about studying journalism with Aspergerger's Syndrome.

Misfts and Conservative Punk

Toy Pirate Fanzine
April 2006

An interview with the Michael Graves, leader of seminal horror punk/Hardcore band, The Misfits, on being punk and conservative.

A Brazillian that Doesn't Hurt(Link)
February 2010

A review of a churro stand.

Toy Cupboard of A Young Lady

Toy Pirate Fanzine
October 2005

A femdom story about someone becoming a toy.

Third Ring Out(Link)
July 2010

A feature/review on an interactive theatre piece about how climate change may affect my local area.

Autistic Male-stroms And How they Are Caused

Asperger United
March 2002

A speculative essay about my condition as the commensuration of the male personality. I outlined two feminist positions on this: one radical, one Marxist. Aside from being my first published work, it was inspired by the the fact I was on, Prospects, the National Autistic Society's programme to help people like me find work. Ironically, I never found it, yet.

So You Want to Make A New Toy.

Good Toy Guide

A Style Guide for people who want to make a new toy.



NoSweat Journalism Traning

NCTJ preliminary Certificate in Journalism, NCTJ Preliminary Certificate in Journalism

NCTJ Preliminary Certificate in Journalism
Local Government C
Central Government E
News Writing E
Media Law (Court Reporting) A
Media Law (General Reporting) B
Portofolio To Be determined

My favorite unit was on video journalism. As part of this, I had to cover the protests against the closure of BBC Radio 6 Music and the Asian Network to make a three minute news report. What I enoyed about it was the fact we had hands on experience of news reporting, which was fundamental to the course, and in a way I never experienced before.

Ideas pitched include a group prank and a future publication in Makaton.

The dullest part of the course was studying local government, but I am proud to have passed it with good marks.
When I enroled, I thought to myself: "Even if I didn't make it as a journalist, I'd just be happy to be a more aware citizen."

Activities and Societies: As part of the course, I contributed articles to both the in-house publication and a local news website,

Negus 6th Form Centre

A Level English Literature

A Level English Literature C
GCSE English B
GCSE Chemistry D
GCSE Media Studies C

Abbey Wood School, Abbey Wood, London

GCSE Computer Studies C
GCSE English D
GCSE Sciences C ( Double Award )
GCSE Geography E


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