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Saurabh Purnaye

Python, Pandas, Ruby on Rails developer, passed CFA level 1

Greater New York City Area
Information Technology and Services
  1. Sony Music Entertainment
  1. Synechron Inc,
  2. clarion technologies,
  3. betterlabs
  1. CFA Institute
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Sony Music Entertainment

Sony Music Entertainment

Ruby on Rails Developer

– Present

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  • Quantative Analysis
  • Electronic Trading
  • Quantitative Research
  • Financial Engineering
  • Quantitative Trading
  • Finance
  • Python
  • Financial Modeling
  • Electronic Trading...
  • Ruby on Rails
  • jQuery
  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • RSpec
  • Web Applications
  • SDLC
  • Git
  • REST
  • Web Services
  • Oracle
  • JavaScript
  • Test Driven Development
  • MongoDB
  • Sinatra
  • Agile Methodologies
  • Capistrano
  • HTML
  • APIs
  • Web Development
  • Software Project...
  • Agile Web Development
  • E-commerce
  • XML
  • CSS
  • Facebook API
  • culerity
  • Agile Project Management
  • twitter bootstrap
  • omniauth
  • twitter api
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6+ years of IT experience in design, development and support of various web applications across various domains using Ruby on Rails.
BDD with Cucumber, Rspec, Capybara and Culerity.
Expertise in Developing software applications using Ruby and Ruby on Rails, JQuery, HTML, Mysql, LINUX/UNIX, Sinatra.
Agile Methodologies and RESTful Web development.
Good exposure to each of the phases of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). Developed projects from the stage of concept to full implementation.
Good experience in working with on-site-offshore model.
Proficiency at splitting projects into smaller manageable pieces, setting priorities, working under short deadlines and ability to handle multiple projects/tasks concurrently.
Involved in critical projects under tight schedules including handling of real time applications/data/ production servers.
Worked on a variety of applications like Claim Processing, Image Processing, Information Processing, payment processing.

Specialties:Development: Ruby on Rails 3.2.3, Sinatra
Source Code: git
DBMS: Mysql, PostgreSql, MongoDB, Oracle
BDD: Cucumber, Rspec, Capybara and Culerity.
Spree eCommerce : development of extensions and view customization.
Deployment using Capistrano to Amazon, Rackspace cloud.
Omniauth: Facebook, Twitter, linkedin.
JQuery-UI, Twitter bootstrap UI implementation with Rails apps.
Mobile based application development using Rhodes.
Contributed in various open source Ruby on Rails gems/ plugins.


Ruby on Rails Developer

Sony Music Entertainment
– Present (2 years 4 months)Greater New York City Area

Sony Music has developed a platform named for creating customizable eCommerce applications. The most famous websites developed using this platform are,,,, etc. This platform has an administrative section through which the site can be completely configured as per client's(artist's) need.

• Develop existing Ruby on Rails application with TDD approach using rSpec and Capybara etc TDD frameworks.
• Active participation in Object/Data modelling for new requirements.
• Implementing TDD specifications for maximum coverage of code and deploying to continues integration server.
• Using Content delivery network like Amazon S3 services for hosting assets like images, videos, html, JavaScript and css.

Associate Specialist - Software

Synechron Inc
(1 year 2 months)Greater New York City Area

Back-end Development using Ruby on Rails using BDD with rspec/cucumber
Front-end development using jQuery & Coffeescipt

Lead - Software (Ruby on Rails)

(1 year 2 months)Pune Area, India

* Ruby on Rails Development with edge versions of Rails 3.1+
* Agile development for development and maintenance of Custom Web Applications.
* Behavior Driven Development using Cucumber, Rspec, Capybara, Culerity
* Automated Deployment with Capistano
* Code Management with Git repository system
* Social Media Development with Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin
Promotional applications using Tab / Canvas
API Integration and Feeds, virtual money
Branded Social Channels, Games, Competitions and Surveys
* eCommerce integration using Spree Commerce
* Content Management Solutions
* Build/Integrate sites using open source to enterprise level CMS

Sr. Software Associate (Ruby on Rails)

(2 years)Pune Area, India

* 4+ years of IT experience in design, development and support of various web applications across various domains using Ruby on Rails.
* Expertise in Developing software applications using Ruby and Ruby on Rails, , Sinatra, Javascript, HTML, Mysql, LINUX/UNIX.
* Agile Methodologies and RESTful Web development.
* Custom Application development for User and Admin Dashboards, Reporting tools and Automated Deployment.
* Integration of APIs for Zipcode lookup, IP-location lookup, Mobile Models/parts lookup.
* Test Driven Development for Ruby on Rails.

Web Applications developer (Ruby on Rails)

clarion technologies
(1 year 1 month)Pune Area, India

* Creating and Maintaining application using Ruby on rails as web application framework with RESTful API.
* Write SOAP calls to send Text and Voice SMS to web services and retrieve appropriate response and then display it to the user accordingly.
* Creating various scripts for connecting and processing the payment and shipping gateway.
* Maintain existing Ruby scripts used in cron-jobs to copy/refresh data over various systems.
* Creating reports in form of PDF, CSV or HTML format.
* Creating image processing scripts to edit images in various forms.
* Create and maintain content management system (CMS) for administrator.

Software developer (Ruby on Rails)

(7 months)Pune Area, India

* Creating and Maintaining application using Ruby on rails as web application framework.
* Creating application integrating with social networks such as facebook, myspace, open social and twitter.
* Creating various scripts for scraping the web using Mechanize and Hpricot.
* Creating scripts for testing using WATIR.

Software developer (Ruby on Rails)

yash infotech
(1 year 10 months)Pune Area, India

* Create and maintain the application which used Ruby on Rails as scripting language.
* Create proper validations functionality using regular expressions
* Creating various data manipulation functions using DB module for manipulating the database.
* Create HTML based web forms.
* Unit, integration and regression testing of the application.
* Hosting and maintaining the application on linux based environment.
* Create and maintain the project based documentation.



– Present

The web application ‘WebWoo’ developed entirely in Ruby on Rails is a mix of B2B and social media networking site. This application offers services related to dating, housing, job search and any custom requirements.
WebWoo lets the users to use their social network to get help from friends and friends of friends (like Facebook). The users can allot reward points in return of the help received. WebWoo was a pioneer online service for friends looking to find or suggest dates to their friends and earn matchmaking points. Now expanded beyond dating, WebWoo helps the users take their friends’ help or help them in turn and get rewarded in many different areas like dating, housing, jobs, help with chores and much more.

Technologies used:
* Ruby on Rails 3.0.9
* Mysql
* Ajax and JQuery
* Capistano, Cucumber, Rspec, Culerity and Capybara.

Team members:

Beautysage from

– Present

The founders of a leading brand in US wanted to build an e-commerce website to achieve their marketing goals. To make this online store more attractive and user friendly, various functionalities were included in its requirement.
To get this application faster in market an open source e-commerce Spree Commerce developed in Ruby on Rails is used.

Technologies used
* Spree 0.70.3
* Ruby on Rails 3.1.2
* JQuery and Ajax
* Capistano, Cucumber, Capybara

Team members:


Partiq is developed for getting trusted referrals from friend group when searching for service provides. This application include integration with Social networks like Facebook and Twitter for login, registration, sharing queries, sending invitations etc.
Partiq has a attractive API developed using Oauth protocol which is used for API based transactions. Users can register their applications on Partiq to have access the API. Users can do all CRUD operations on the queries, comments, answers through the API. One of the interesting features of Partiq is its mobile site.

Technologies used
* Ruby on Rails 3.0.8
* Cucumber, RSpec, Capybara and Culerity
* Capistano Deployment
* git

Team members:

Portal 2009(Link)

Portal 2009 is developed for claim filing and processing for one of renowned clients of Synechron. This application include integration with various web services and a complex claim processing architechure. The webservice interaction required knowledge of SOAP and REST. Used Rails framework for creating RESTful architecture and soap4r to send requests and then analyze the response and populate relevant data.

The claim data returned from the web service needed to carefully analyzed and all attributes and other information like Insurance companies etc needed to be stored in local data structures and then eventually stored in database. It also required us to create a very efficient error reporting mechanism so as to be able to report *exact* error to the user so that he could fix the claim and resubmit it to the application.
One of the most important functionalities was ‘lookup’. This could be a lookup of demographic information (‘like zip lookup’), model information lookup or features lookup. In these cases, usually user would enter or select some data (like enter zipcode or select brand name from a list etc) and then the application would bring all the relevant information (in case of zipcode, it was CITY, STATE etc; for brands it would bring up Phone Equipment information like make year, model etc) This was achieved by sending the RESTful calls to application which would call the relevant SOAP request to a 3rd party servers. Finally the response was decoded by the and sent in the form of XML or json to the Jquery engine.

Technologies used:
* Ruby on Rails
* Mysql
* JQuery, AJAX
* Soap4r

Design by Humans(Link)

This is a Design by Humans is a place for users to submit, discover and buy amazing custom t-shirt designs created by artists from around the world. Based around an ongoing t-shirt design contest, all of the designs on Design by Humans have been submitted by artist’s community.
Image processing was one of the most challenging parts of this application. This was achieved by module ImageMagick which allows reading, manipulation and writing of a large number of image formats.
The front end was designed in HTML while the backend consisted of rails framework which were used to store files in public folders which would later be served in the administrator section.
User could see images in different forms and edit images using tools provided on the UI. Any modifications would be submitted to the server and then server would return the edited image using ImageMagick.
The another challenging task here was to implement the payment gateway, which is implemented using's web services.

Technologies Used
* Ruby on Rails
* Prototype & Ajax
* Postgresql
* Activemerchant
* Ruport
* Rmagick
* Database designing.
* Analyzing the project requirement.
* Coding the UI application in Ruby using rails as web application framework.
* Managing the team.

Team members:

WGS events management(Link)

– Present is online event management tool exclusively developed for internal use of famous liquor producer William Grant and Sons. The engagement with Synechron started for maintenance and enhancement for initial 3 months. Previously written code had serious architectural issues and needed lot of repairs as per coding standards in very challenging time frame.
The site is used by thousands of WGS employees daily for creating programs and events, defining goals and uploading event documents & photos. This site also maintain information related thousands of accounts across more than 50 marketing divisions and expenses within all them.


– Present


– Present


University of Pune

  • Bachelor of Engineering
  • Electronics and telecommunucation


  1. English

  2. Hindi

  3. Marathi


CFA Institute

CFA, Finance and Financial Management Services, Level 1

University of Pune


MSS high School




CFA Level 1

CFA Institute
– Present

Volunteer Experience & Causes

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Causes Saurabh cares about:

  • Health

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