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Michael Dugan

Head of Development, EasyScreen at Marex Spectron

London, United Kingdom
Financial Services
  1. Schneider Trading Associates,
  2. Enable Software,
  3. Mediaware
  1. Curtin University of Technology

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Curtin University of Technology

Curtin University of Technology

Mechatronics, Robotics, and Automation Engineering

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Software Architect and Manager with 13 years experience, 6 of these developing leading edge software technology in the high-frequency and low-latency derivatives trading space.

I qualified with a 2:1 (hons) BEng in 2000. Since then I have worked in the Automotive, Defence, Multimedia and Finance industries.

I lead the Internalisation and Algorithm Engine projects at Schneider.


Head of Development, EasyScreen

Marex Spectron
– Present (2 years 7 months)London, United Kingdom

Marex Spectron is the world’s largest privately owned broker of financial products. EasyScreen (a Marex Spectron subsidiary) is a well established technology name in the world of futures, options and commodity trading, developing and distributing high performance trading, risk and market connectivity solutions for market participants, since 1998.

The change of employer was as a result of the Marex Spectron acquisition of Schneider Trading Associates.

Software Lead/Architect

Schneider Trading Associates
(5 years 7 months)Schneider Trading

Schneider is a trading arcade in London servicing more than 300 Futures, Options and FX trading associates and brokers.

> Employed as a Software Lead/Architect to create a new software development department. The department now consists of 11 staff. As the sole technical lead, I am responsible for setting the strategic direction for new projects.
> To nurture new ideas and boost staff motivation, I implemented a scheme to allow developers to spend time innovating. The scheme has produced numerous new technologies for the company.
> Setup Agile software development practices and QA infrastructure. Including; source control, feature/bug tracking, wiki, unit and regression testing harness and a CI Service (automated sync/build/test/release system).
> Took control of the Stellar Trading System, now STS. This is a comprehensive, high frequency and low latency trading system that connects to numerous exchanges. STS provides click trading, auto-spreader, market making and algorithmic trading functionality to approximately 200 clients.
> Technically lead and managed the Schneider Internalisation Project. Schneider now publishes it’s own internal liquidity pool for Futures. This market can be traded outside the exchange thus reducing exchange fees and providing better fills for traders.
> Technically lead and managed the Schneider Algorithm Engine Project. Schneider are developing an ultra low latency and high frequency algorithm engine. Traders can upload and execute grey and black box trading strategies that can be executed remotely (COLO) in the single digit microsecond space.
> Developed numerous tools to measure and report usage, throughput and latency. These include; source code probes, data collectors, charting and latency breakdown utilities.
> Exchange connectivity for CME, EUREX, ICE, LIFFE and MX.

Senior Software Engineer/Architect (Contract)

Enable Software
(9 months)Canberra Area, Australia

Enable Software creates leading-edge software solutions. It sells off-the-shelf products to the consumer and contracts to the defence and law enforcement sectors.

> Contracted as a Senior Software Engineer/Architect to the law enforcement sector. Worked in a team of up to 6 engineers and was heavily involved in the design. The project involved developing a secure, fast, large user base and interactive web based solution. Unfortunately for security reasons, details for this project are restricted.
> Developed using the Django Web Framework with Apache web server and PostreSQL database.
> Web 2.0 style using AJAX, JS, HTML, CSS, XML, XSL and Python.
> Setup an extensive software management system that included source control, release procedures, automated test framework, automated document generation and overnight checkout/ build/ test/ release.

Lead Software Engineer

(1 year 10 months)Canberra Area, Australia

Mediaware International provides a variety of unique MPEG video technologies and products to broadcast and defence sectors around the world.

> Employed as a Lead Software Engineer to pioneer their digital video exploitation capability for Defence.
> Developed the DVEX system, which provides real-time and collaborative video exploitation, video mosaicing and live database ingesting. U.S. Defense has procured this system for use in their next generation spy planes. The DVEX system was written primarily in C++ and Python. We used QT with Boost and STL for all GUI development, hence maintaining compliance across platforms.
> DVEX WebPortal provides a web interface to the DVEX system. This was developed using HTML, CSS, XML, XSL , SOAP, IIS web server and MySQL database.
> Developed an MPEG-KLV metadata library. Provides a simple interface to the video's embedded metadata. The technology is standards compliant and provides access to frame accurate metadata.
> Developed Mediaware's proprietary MPEG Player. The player was written in C++ and used OpenGL for video rendering. This player is used in numerous Mediaware products.
> Heavily involved in improving build, test and release systems and making recommendations on improving software process.

Software Engineer

CEA Technologies Pty Limited
(1 year 8 months)Canbe

CEA Technologies designs and develops systems at the forefront of radar and communications technology.

> Employed as a Software Engineer for the CEA-FAR phased array radar project.
> Developed a smart distributed communications system (IPC) that connects all the embedded cards and client users to the radar. This involved writing TCP, UDP, Serial and Shared Memory modules to carry the data whilst providing a clean and simple API to the users.
> Developed the graphical data fusion application that is the operator’s interface to the radar. This program was client/server based and provided extensive radar control and maintenance functionality.

Software Engineer

Orbital Corporation
(1 year 7 months)Perth Area, Australia

Orbital Corporation is an international developer of engine and related technologies. The company provides research, design, development and testing services to many of the world's power train producers, regulatory authorities and research institutions.

> Employed as a Software Engineer to design and develop engine management systems for both research and production programs.
> Embedded software real time operating system and application design using various Motorola micro controllers.
> Developed an engine pseudo encoder using the Windows sound API. This involved the application of numerous DSP algorithms.



– Present

Schneider has developed its own Internalisation Engine. I technically lead the project, which consisted of 2-5 developers.

The Internalisation Engine publishes an internal liquidity pool for Futures, side-by-side with the exchange liquidity. The internal market can be traded outside the exchange thus reducing exchange fees and providing better fills for traders.

The technology consists of;
- Order book.
- Matching engine.
- Smart order router.
- Market data publisher.


  • High Frequency Trading
  • Low Latency
  • Exchange Connectivity
  • FIX
  • C++
  • C#
  • Python
  • Boost
  • MySQL
  • Oracle
  • TIBCO Rendezvous
  • Shared Memory
  • Solaris
  • Linux
  • Embedded Software
  • C
  • JavaScript
  • SQL
  • Shell Scripting
  • GNU Make
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • XML
  • XSL
  • AJAX
  • Apache
  • IIS
  • Django
  • PostgreSQL
  • SQLite
  • HTTP
  • SOAP
  • Eclipse
  • Visual Studio
  • .NET
  • WPF
  • Qt
  • MFC
  • Win32
  • STL
  • jQuery
  • UML
  • VTune
  • VMware
  • NSIS
  • Doxygen
  • SCons
  • SVN
  • CVS
  • See 35+  See less


Curtin University of Technology

Bachelor of Engineering (BEng), Mechatronics, Robotics, and Automation Engineering, 2:1 - Honours

➢ Bachelor of Engineering (Mechatronic Engineering) with Honours (2:1).
➢ Specialised in Software Engineering.
➢ Weighted Average of 75%.
➢ Awards include; Letters of Commendation in 1999 and 2000, MESA Prize in 2000, GENG prize for design in 1999.

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