Supply Chain Risk and Resilience Club

Supply Chain Risk and Resilience Club

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Supply chain risk and resilience has become a concern for every commercial organisation, particularly where their supply chains extend across national boundaries. Macro-economic turbulence and geopolitical uncertainties have dramatically changed the risk profile of most supply chains and companies must now contend with the potential for severe disruptions to their sourcing and distribution arrangements. In addition, supply chain managers must comply with a multitude of new regulatory requirements in the global transportation environment.

To assist organisations in the development of the appropriate capabilities necessary to meet the challenges of managing risk and resilience in their supply chains, the Logistics Institute at Hull University Business School has established a Research Club to focus on these issues with the overarching objective of improving Supply Chain Resilience. The focus of the research club’s activity will be applied research into all forms of supply chain risk management and resilience, with a view to providing our member organisations with the tools to enable them to improve the resilience of their supply chains.

How does the Research Club Work?
The Research Club brings together managers, industry specialists and academic experts to explore new ideas and to share international best practice in supply chain risk and resilience. Members of the Research Club meet regularly throughout the year – the research agenda having been previously agreed by the members. Through the membership subscriptions the Logistics Institute funds an intensive research programme guided by senior academics and subject matter specialists. Particular issues addressed by the research club are:

− Supply chain risk profiling
− Port and infra-structure security
− Improving visibility across the supply chain
− Product design and sourcing risk
− Risk management tools and procedures
− Risk mitigation strategies

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